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Drive n' Dine - New Bohemian Sausage Party - 1/13/2013

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by SurlyOldManMN, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. SurlyOldManMN

    SurlyOldManMN New Member

    Hi folks,

    We have a "Drive n' Dine" quasi-monthly event on MNSubaru wherein we take a (usually) short cruise and end at a restaurant worth eating at. I'm not seeing a huge turnout from MNS this month and I'd like to open it up to MNGG members as well.

    Here is the MNSubaru thread:

    The next Drive n' Dine event will be 1/13/13 at New Bohemia Wurst and BierHaus.

    We will meet at 3:00PM at the north light rail transit "overflow" lot of Fort Snelling. I know this is a bit later than usual but frankly many of our members are up at the crack of noon and $3 draft happy hour is 3-6, so deal with it. Also, yes I noticed this is the same destination as last month. I consider last month effectively scrubbed since nobody showed up due to blizzard.

    The destination is:
    New Bohemia Wurst and BierHaus

    We will be cruising West River Parkway. Note last month included East River Parkway. I cut it out for simplicity. We'll use it a different day. Here is the route:

    Here is an idea what you can expect to yummy down on when we get there:

    For those of you who have not attended a Drive n' Dine event before and don't know what to expect... These are RELAXED CRUISES run at or below the speed limit. It is NOT a "fun run" or otherwise performance-oriented event. That's not lip-service or CYA. I'll be at the front and the needle is going to register 25mph for most of this cruise.

    If you pass me or otherwise act the fool, just keep going. Don't bother stopping at the restaurant as you will not be welcome to join us. Not that I can stop you from going and sitting by yourself with your nose in the corner; rest assured I will make a special effort to mercilessly shame and ridicule you to the best of my ability. If you're looking to improve your car control skills while driving interesting back roads, keep it under your hat for this event and come talk to be about road rallying.
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  2. derrian

    derrian Administrator Staff Member

    As long as money comes my way I'd love to join in on this :)
  3. SurlyOldManMN

    SurlyOldManMN New Member

    Here are some important excerpts from the MNS thread:

    I should add that there is very little free parking in the area. I'll put in a call to Surdyk's (right across the street) later this week to see if I can sweet talk them into letting us mob their parking lot on a Sunday afternoon. I'm not optimistic. There is a pay lot in back, expect to use it.

    ...these are serious wiener people. When I stopped during prerun I got a regular brat, german style, cajun andouille, tomato basil chicken and buffalo cheddar jalapeno. I had the bartender pair all of the toppings for me, which you get one of with every wurst. The beer butter onions are wrong and perfect as is what I assume was the poppy slaw (spicy carrot thingy that was unreasonably good).

    I'm not a fan of french fries but they do those properly too. It's been a long time since I've actually cared enough to recommend the fries somewhere. I had them par cooked (blanched in oil) so we could finish them off at home. These also come with condiments. I got the hot bacon dressing (pretty damn good) and the bacon blue cheese walnut sauce (****ing retardiculously good).

    In-store they have a range of mustards and whatnot. Based on the strength of what I sampled, I have no problem saying they'll have something for just about everyone, even a veggie italian link. They also have beer and sausage flights for the decisively challenged (which is most of you in my experience ).
  4. SurlyOldManMN

    SurlyOldManMN New Member

    It was just brought to my attention that I put the wrong route link in the OP. We ARE taking the parkway all the way to 2nd. Link updated in OP:

  5. SurlyOldManMN

    SurlyOldManMN New Member

    Looks like a fine day to gobble some sausage!

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