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About us!

Discussion in 'Beyond The Rev' started by beyondtherev, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. beyondtherev

    beyondtherev Sponsor

    About US!

    Beyond the REV is a non-profit organization built on the needs to show case and promote MN local automotive events and automotive supports by means of photography and other media source. I am Toua Yang founder of BeyondtheREV. I started this company to bring one of my hobbies to the next level and to be able to apply my skills and share it with the local community. Over the last year we have been honing our skills and through practice I am confident that we now have the skills to satisfy our viewers and supporters. We are still improving and one day we hope we can bring a new outlook on the automotive scene here in MN. We are in a proud partnership with Evo Street Racing who would like to keep racing on the track and not in the streets. We thank them and hope we can help their caused. Please support them as well.(website post below) My dedicated crewmembers consist of:

    Toua Yang (1 man team)

    We are ready for 2013 and to bring a lot of great events to those who miss it or to give them lasting memories. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer and give us a LIKE on our FB when you have time to support our caused. Thank you and I am looking forward to catching you guys OUT there RACING

    BeyondtheREV founder,
    Toua Yang


    (651) 300-9116


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  2. Stephen

    Stephen New Member

    you guys do some great work!

    keep it up
  3. derp

    derp New Member

    Evo's Tree Tracers.

    Sounds interesting.
  4. beyondtherev

    beyondtherev Sponsor

    @ Stephen Thank you for your support :D (Sorry that I didn't reply to you sooner)

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